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Improving online access to EU internal market

The efficiency and effectiveness of the single market on grounds of access for businesses and citizens is on the need of digitalisation. The current system of information (Your Europe) suffers deficiencies of accessibility and fragmentation among Member States. To overcome it, a new regulation is about to be released.

After a call for action by the European Parliament, the Commission, via consultations, found out that gaps in legislation, insufficient information, poor implementation and complicated cross-border use. Moreover, States put a special emphasis on the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and requested a clear distribution of responsibilities between the Commission (who would assume the role of coordinator) and them (who would oversee the contents ownership and management).

Finally, the proposal presented by the Commission included: a) help with setting up and expanding business, b) access to all citizens and business in the EU displaying information in at least two EU languages, and c) it will also serve to report obstacles in the internal market.

Interinstitutional discussions concluded with an agreement on May 2018. It has already received a positive outcome by the COREPER (the first stage for its approval at the Council) and is expected to be voted on the plenary of the European Parliament in autumn 2018.

When operating, this new gateway will include easy access to useful information. On the one hand, for businesses, for example, it will contain information on how to start new projects and make them grow, cross-border and national taxation or access to public contracts. On the other hand, for citizens, the available information will range from air passenger rights and documents for travelling around Europe, to residence formalities and requirements to retire abroad. Hence, it will put at everyone’s fingertips useful information from all Member States and the EU.

With this initiative, the EU continues its efforts to improve access to information by citizens and SMEs, which is necessary not only to gain access to the single market but also for the sake of transparency. In this regard, Alonso & Asociados pushes deep in the idea of transparency as a key tool for the defence of citizens rights. These efforts are explained in the book El lobby en la Unión Europea. Manual sobre el buen uso de Bruselas, written by our managing-partner, Mr Emiliano Alonso. The book’s last edition is available here. In case you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us at or at +32 (0)2 230 70 42.

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